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This was done over on twotonelover and I participated and it was a lot of fun. So, to help breathe life back into this community, I decided to do a challenge! Hopefully, this will go well and I'll do a couple more challenges. I'm hoping to get at least three other entries besides myself. Oh, and I bumped the rules from annieohhhhyes . She's fantastically amazing.

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2 participants.

a. heard


Posted by la_ahavah on 2010.11.12 at 16:36
HEY GUYS. I know, it's been MONTHS since I've done anything with this comm, as well as la_amo and for this, I'd like to apologize.
I started college, things got insane in RP and I started to truly fall in love with tumblr.
I just want everyone to know I DID NOT ABANDON THIS COMMUNITY.
I will be returning, very soon, with something that I have never done before.
Things are changing guys, I hope you're ready. :)

j. stroup


Posted by la_ahavah on 2010.07.29 at 16:44
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I am quite sorry that I did not realize that there are over FIFTY members in this comm. I would like to just say 'THANK YOU' to everyone who joined.

As a thank you to everyone, I would like to open up a request post. You can ask for just about anything. A wallpaper, banner, fo banner, last.fm icon, ff.n icon, regular icon, ANYTHING.
If I know I can't do it, I'll be honest and tell you and maybe we can think of something else.

If there is a specific picture you want me to use, include it in your request as a link.

Anywho, request things in comments here and I shall get them to you all asap!

I'll only accept requests from the first 25 people who ask. Don't be discouraged if you aren't able to request here, I'll have another when the member count reaches/exceeds 75 members. I'm so happy you guys like my graphics ad thanks for being awesome members!

Also, more graphics will be coming soon!


prettyliarsland is an interactive challenge communite for PLL.
There are four teams: Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer.

Apply for a team
Tell them la_ahavah sent you. ;]

→actresses; amber heard

these kind of entries will be the ONLY public entries on this comm and will become private once the challenge is over.

honest to god, you're all i want.Collapse )

o. wilde


Posted by la_ahavah on 2010.04.25 at 22:51
I'm going to have an graphic post coming this weekend.
I have a ton of graphics done and waiting, I just want to do a few more. :3
Thanks for waiting guys!

o. wilde

006. NOT COOL.

Posted by la_ahavah on 2010.04.05 at 09:45


I had the images up for a day.
I'm glad you guys like them but SRSLY?!

o. wilde

004. PIMPIN'.

Posted by la_ahavah on 2010.03.22 at 20:27

o. wilde


Posted by la_ahavah on 2010.03.10 at 23:49

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formerly;; » its_deadly
contains;; » all of my grapics
posts remain open for three days
add to see everything
rules;; » comment, credit, and don't hotlink